Innocence is an inviolable right

Recently scientific studies have demonstrated that the innocence of a child is violated in their first years by the perceptions, believes and experiences of the life’s of the adults that surround them.

The innocence which they where born, only has a small space totally different from the priorities that the grownups that surround them have, that is a direct consequence of loosing contact with their inner child.

Their innocence only have one priority and that is to play uninterrupted and continuously; live the now to the fullest, because the past does not exist anymore; share equally with everybody; their simple opinions and direct comments, comes from a direct line of the heart; their mischief are part of the discovery phase and the explorer spirit of conquering a new world.

They have an angelic tendency, where imagination let them see that everything is possible and the unreachable   it’s in around the corner.

Another quality is that comes with them is that they give unconditional love, which is their main mission in this existence; an essential part of their destiny, nevertheless where the conditions are uncertain and their acts comes from the bottom of their soul.

What we want to do with this description, of who are our greatest teachers, is that we reflect and notice that they –the children- are our future and that we are there past; it doesn’t matter that we know it, what really matters is that take notice as a fact, that consciously we see it with the eyes of our soul and that will reflect automatically in our daily interaction with them.

Unfortunately we are hurt and broken, our initial child DNA was violated by the ones that where around us in short or long term, that one way or another put fear in our heart, encourage false traditions without no sense, instill prejudiced against other generations without no reason, transmited knowledge without foundations, criticized our essence, restrain our creativity and assassinate –point blank- our direct line with the Universe.

We are clear that what we have expose here it’s a hard hit to our ego, that maybe it will never be understand by the ones that were mistreated, have left them deranged of their own reality or may have isolated them of their human essence, sensibility.

Today by using our creativity we pay a deserved recognition to the innocence that should be a eternal right, universal and a inviolable right that each of us should have.

Let’s recognize and accept our own responsibility of the legacy that is in our back, where what we say and how we act should be in accordance with the universal law, where mind and body are abundant and eternal, where right or wrong doesn’t exist and where love always is there.

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