On behalf of the People

In recent weeks the media has been on the rise with a new trend in which the protagonists; community leaders, politicians, lawyers and religious are using in the beginning of their speeches the phrase “on behalf of the people”.

Upon recognizing this pattern, which has been displayed not only on television, which tends to be more sensational than other Medias, however extends to all other traditional media and even social media of the world.

On the small screen the religious display themselves saying they can discriminate simply on sexual orientation because the Bible is their mantle. In turn, politicians cast the blame and criticize their opponents, without offering conciliates solutions to resolve the situation.

The environmentalists are not far behind, standing in front of microphone indicating what we are so accustomed to them saying; “they are doing this on behalf of the future generations”.

Meanwhile the union leaders indicate that they speak on behalf of the people, when they are accusing the government in office, instead of presenting sensible and consistent solutions with the realities of that historical moment not what suitable for them.

Ending, each of these protagonists say horrible things that make no sense; …perform desperate acts;… crave to advance their hidden agendas;… hide behind their ideals top discriminate; …point the “thumb” finger to those that do not think like them; …accuse the innocent – without-evidence- staining reputations;…they represent a population that has no voice;…decisions taken in a court;…they run for a cause;…they try to determine what’s best for the world;…they scream of loving some and hating others and struggle untiringly for some rights.

There are hundreds of those leaders who claim to represent the people and use the pulpit, microphones, screens, walls, chats, blogs and websites to express their feelings-they live in a democratic country-in which they have the right to exercise these privileges so fundamental in which envelops freedom of expression.

The intention is not to criticize or point to one another, much less to establish who is right or wrong, who struggles for what’s proper and who is just a silly clown with a ridiculous cause, however, what we wish to establish is a syndrome that is latent in our so called leaders.

We urge that instead of speaking of behalf of the people; why not modify their language a little and begin to use the following suggestions, which we are sure will help their followers to be much more supportive and those who disagree will begin to respect them.

Here are some phrases which they might incorporate ….”for most people”…, “for us who believe in”…,”those who have the following ideals, we believe that”…, “we do not agree with what’s establish, we understand that the following solutions are a better option for the following reasons”…, we do not agree given that in my personal character I believe”…, “Those who believe in…”

On behalf of the people…we do not speak, simply we do just what needs to be done, period.

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