Altruism at its best

A few weeks ago a friend commented how she had witnessed an altruistic act which impacted her life.

She recounted that the act occurred in the middle of a busy highway in the madness of a Friday afternoon, where people are so desperate to get where they need to go, change from one lane to another without realizing they remain in the same place, no matter what they do.

In turn, they continue to honking their horn at anything that passes near them without discriminating and then there are those who practice the ancient art of pantomime, where they make gestures with their lips and hands whenever someone traverses them.

Amidst all this madness, one essential factor couldn’t be missed for the traffic to be at a standstill, it was raining, but this time it appears that the dams in heaven had all agreed to open the floodgates at one.

After one hour after just seating in her car listening to programs that add nothing intellectual, out of nowhere a car in front of her turned on the flashing lights. Within seconds, her patience –which was being tested- vanished immediately and gave way to all the curses that someone can think of in a situation like this.

While she was in the process of taking out those negative thoughts out of her mind, she noticed that the man who seconds before had turn on the flashing lights, was getting out of his old truck in the middle of the endless downpour.

She watched how this 50 year old man, in jeans, long sleeve shirt and boots passed by the front of her car indicating her to give him a second.

This simple act placed her in a terrible disposition, how was it possible that this man had the nerve to get out of his car in the middle of this chaos and in turn telling her to take it easy, as their tolerance levels was almost zero.

Within seconds she saw how this man went straight to the rear of the car, which was just on her right side. Her breathing was interrupted momentously, given that she had not noticed that the car next to her was confronting problems.

Realizing this altruistic act, which was held amid the madness of traffic, on a heavily rainy day and without having an affiliation with the person, she experienced how her bad mood had banished, her soul engorged and her criticism, became full of praise for the stranger.

That day, she not only learned a great lesson in life, but that simple act taught her that one should be more patient with others, not to judge and above all, to be more tolerant of others.

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