Collective Conformity Syndrome

In a morning program, NBC Today, they mentioned how the generation X has a lower divorce rate than the previous generation, which in turn has influenced the lives of the future generations.

The reportage emphasized the importance taken by generation X in having and growing within a family, given that half of them did not have that opportunity.

Linking this interesting data, we ask ourselves why then worldwide the crime is increasing, drugs trafficking are rampage, children abuse is raising, and what worries me the most is the carelessness and Collective Conformism which is prevailing.

Yes, Collective Conformism, you are not misreading, a university professor does not need to come or a global company making surveys to tell us, is palpable and is felt daily in the main cities of the world.

We bring this up because these days while waiting for someone in a public place, in just 15 minutes we witnessed a number of things unthinkable of other generations.

First, children been disrespectful to their parents, mothers screaming and hitting their children because they wanted to do as they pleased; youngsters not allowing the elderly exit a restaurant; people in kiosks who do not say good morning; people passing by another who is in the floor and do not even take the time to ask if the person is okay or if they need help.

This goes beyond social criticism or to exercise a particular trial, we are highlighting some events and situations which in the past few years have been increasing in major cities.

What we really want to do, is expose the realities of which we witness everyday and for whatever reason; we have become blind selective, we have become unwittingly complicit of the silent acts that violate the most essential part of a human being against what we are, a being of light.

We would at least aspire to awaken the consciences of those who are immerse in the sleep of oblivion, those who “post” in their “walls” positive messages and in the street do not give way to anyone; those who preach equality, but when they see a black-skinned person –or overweight- are the first to make racist comments; those who sells themselves as the most charitable and steal millions for their cause.

At the same time we choose to give voice to the hundreds of millions of beings of light, that day to day say good morning to a stranger, stop in the middle of the road just to save a dog lost in the highway, those who smile to a stranger and open doors to everyone with no matter the color, race or sex.

These anonymous heroes are those who are concerned about what is happening, who point out and at the same they rolled up their sleeves to have a better world. They do it every day without telling anyone, never seeking recognition and who repeat the famous words of Mother Teresa“please hurry up that every hour I’m off the streets of Calcutta, my people are dying”.

I conclude with this, it is not what we see in others that we have to change, is to take a different decision towards what we did yesterday in our lives and make the changes ourselves moreover the rest will follow.

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