Miracle of the 21th century

This week was full of big emotions; for example, the United States stock market took an impressive plunge since the fall of 2008, when the current recession began.

Days before this devastating news, the major U.S. political parties and a leading grassroots movement were playing political and economic politics as usual, as they didn’t want to commit and make a decision concerning the new government budget for one of the leading nations in the world.

Also, a figure that has holds no sympathy at all, Casey Anthony returned to court for other legal issues; civilians in Syria are still dying during massive protests against the government and the NFL went back to business as usual, opening their training camps.

What really went almost under the radar in the news this week was a miracle of the 21st century, the arrival of U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D) of Arizona to the floor of the House of Representatives.

Her story is simply a miracle, just about seven months ago the Congresswoman was about to begin participate in a Town Hall Meeting at her district, when out of nowhere a 22-year-old man opened fire against her and the group of people who were present.

That day marked forever the lives of 6 families who lost loved ones, including a 6-year-old girl who was there with the intention of meeting the congresswoman who she admired. A total of 13 people –including the Congresswoman- were the effect of an assassination attempt by a young man with mental health problems.

Today her Doctors cannot explain how the congresswoman, who had just won the election by a small margin a few months before, and also married to one of the last astronauts who was on the last voyage of the shuttle Discovery, had survived a gunshot wound to the brain.

Medical statistics indicate that only 15% of victims who received a shot to the brain survive and only 1% recovers a high percentage of their normality.

That day Congresswoman Giffords came in silently, to where for the past seven months she was absent due to the above. She came in just in time to exercise her right to vote, on the debt ceiling bill that was so important for the nation.

The House of Representatives –which was at a time in recess- suddenly was fill with many emotions which were expressed only by an applause that lasted several minutes, recognizing the presence of a living miracle.

At a time where division had taken over Washington for the past weeks, her presence was a test of reasonableness, sanity and an example of what really matters in life, had returned to Congress.

The results of that day we all know them, but the important thing was not the events that took place after the vote was rendered after a 7 months absence, but to be able to recognize that she is a miracle not only for the eyes of science but, for the whole world.

This simple woman, in a vivid example of the hundreds of miracles that occur on a daily basis around us and which are the product of the bravery, courage, willingness and above all things a mindset attitude that have as its north –YES WE CAN.

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