When was the last time you felt stuck?

In recent weeks in conversations with friends, acquaintances and relatives we have collectively come across a common feeling of being a little misplaced in our lives, that our north is uncertain and that we do not know where our “life” is leading us to.

This is nothing new, since it has been part of our spiritual growth to confront these issues ever since the first human being came to live in this existence.

What is interesting is how we’ve evolved and today we can see this as a great growth opportunity that life is giving us. Regularly when these issues arise in our lives, specifically a particular issue at a given time, this may be a phenomenon that often happens as a possible sign of a life lesson to be learned that we are not seeing.

Maybe life just wants to give us a simple reminder of something we have learned a few years back or it could be, that we are maturing and that we are entering a new phase in our lives, therefore a new level of consciousness.

No matter what the reason might be, what is clear is that life as we know it is about to take a new turn and that is warning us –with clear signs- that we must prepare ourselves for the new direction which we are about to embark.

Whatever the new scenario might be or the old one we are being reminded of, there are some feelings that accompany most of the cases in these life transitions.

Among them, is giving importance to things that are not relevant; the sense of stalled projects or that these are not coming through as fast as you will like; feel a weightiness on doing things that are pending; you do not have the expected results to your efforts; that time is passing you by and you’re not where you’d understand and expect to be; that you recognizing what you really want and in essence is going away for no apparent reason.

Let’s make this clear, feeling all this or other similar things to this, is neither good nor bad, is just a simple map which tells us where we are in a precise moment of our lives.

This map is an important one which we should watch carefully given that it contains valuable responses to our internal growth as we are beings of light.

First, if we could recognize that we all have the ability to objectively look at where we are, in other words, leave the front door of our hearts the sense of trial.

Second, it we could see these feelings as a barometer of what is happening around us, for example …, What are we thinking of? Who we are meeting with that has bad vibes? Towards what am I directing my energies?

After completing this simple exercise the next suggested one would be and one which has been a recipe of success to many people is to focus on what we have. Yes, what if we make a list of all the good things, the blessings, which we have around us.

What if we use something that we have not done for some time by taking a paper and pencil we make a quick list of all the things we have, for example: we are alive, we have health, we have a roof over our heads where we live, we have a job, summit all those things we have in that given moment that for some reason or another we do not give it the importance they actually should have.

Even if you do not believe it, this exercise can make an immediate gear shift or rather a drastic change, directed to stagnation energy, or where nothing was happening, towards a more positive state of consciousness and full possibilities.

In turn, this will bring again a movement to our favor and this will have a domino effect where things will be moving back to our perception.

We have also found other ways of distracting our mind and making a faster “shift” can be for example: exercising, talking to a stranger in the supermarket, writing what you are feeling, reading a book, singing your favorite song, in short, doing something different from the daily routine.

The “secret” is simple, is setting your mind to do something different, doing something different is when you begin to change and what we thought was not moving, magically begins to stride again with the train back on track to the good life .

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