Starting all over again

In recent weeks the world has been a witness on how the country of Greece had to rely on foreign aid, to place a new start and build a new economy.

Besides in recent days a new country emerged called South Sudan, whose focal point will be to provide their citizens a country full of hope, stability and prosperity for those who for years suffered from endless wars.

While these events shudder all the foundations of global stability, recent floods in South Dakota, sand storms in Phoenix and in recent days the unfortunate oil spill at the Yellowstone National Park, we stop to think how life can change in a matter of seconds.

The 19th century philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer said “change is the only immutable thing,” how true is this little phrase, where he stresses that the world is one that is constantly evolving, whether we like or not.

It is not until we encounter it up close either by losing a job or by having an accident that we realize that the change is inevitable and even worse in the vast majority of the time, we are not prepared for it.

Life changes every second and when we come across sudden changes that moves our foundation is almost certain that in 99% of the cases, we wonder: Why me?

Immediately the negative thoughts overflow our minds, the worst scenarios we can imagine are the order of the day and we even begin to visualize scenes drawn from the best horror movies of Hollywood.

But what if after this stage, a normal one, where we start thinking almost 24 / 7 on, why did this happen? we leave that thought aside and asked ourselves, for what did this happen?

The simple act of asking ourselves that question automatically provides us with an alternative outlook at things from another point of view.

It gives us a new vision, where we can see that a fresh start is not bad thing, in fact, it gives us a new opportunity to reinvent ourselves, to do something new and even do something that fills our soul and that gives us passion.

So after we drown ourselves in towards a negative space, where we seek the answers to the first question – Why me? – I invite you to ask yourselves this new question, for what is this happening to me?; this one will show us new things, will give us a new vision and possibly we can see that a fresh start, is not a bad thing, on the contrary life is giving us a new opportunity to be able to create what we so long craved for.

We conclude with this sentence from the book The Key to Life – “No one has failed while he can start again. There is no failure possible in a fight which aims to what you want in a fairly life”.

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