Adopting homeless from the streets

Driving down a major highway in Miami she noticed a homeless dog in a precarious situation of being run over. The woman immediately turned on the flashing lights of her vehicle, got out with concerned and with patience, one that only angels have, was able to get close to the dog to save him.

Upon entering her car, she immediately began communication with a series of “Angels” who rescue homeless animals from the streets of The City of the Sun and within a few hours he had a home.

Unfortunately this is not the fate of hundreds of dogs and cats who are killed daily by Animal Services, since there is not enough room to provide shelter to the exorbitant amount of abandoned animals.

A few years ago, before the crisis touch our doors, these animals had a window of at least 7 days in the cages that housed them and gave them the opportunity to be saved. Today they only have 3 days and being cautious maybe hours.

In the past 3 years the number of homeless animals found in homes that have been abandoned by the owners has increased in numbers never seen before.

“If it was up to me I would have a huge farm in order to adopt every abandoned animal, given that each one of them has the right to live just like us” said Belkis Lopez, a Cuban top executive of one of the most important professional associations in Florida, which has rescue over 50 animals in the past 5 years.

“The unconditional love I receive from these special beings fulfill my soul and in moments of hard times they are the ones who give me the energy to move ahead,” pointed out one who shares her home with 5 cats and 4 dogs, all rescued.

Like her, there are hundreds of people in different parts of South Florida who daily in the social networks are posting photos, messages and sending emails with the description of the animals they rescued, desperately looking for a safe home, with the hope of saving these pure souls.

Fortunately informal groups have been created by people from different social classes with one sole purpose in mind. These people, some only having a small space in their homes to shelter them for a few days, they make great sacrifices and use everything in their power to seek new opportunities for these living creatures that have no voice.

That is the case of Sonia Cruz, a journalist and activist by conviction. She came from Venezuela to North America more than 15 years ago and ever since then all she does in her spare time is rescuing homeless animals, protect them in her small apartment for a few days and use all means at her disposal to find them homes with the help of allied sources, in the vast majority women who struggle every day.

She receives 30 to 40 emails a day from people doing what she does in one way or another; she confesses that finding homes for big dogs is the hardest.

She also told us how they have created their own routes within the state of Florida where they transport these animals from one point to another; -Miami-West Palm Beach, WPB-Orlando and Orlando-Georgia-so they can be saved.

For his part Anthony Segura, a “Nuyorican” based in Miami, while sitting in a chair in Coconut Grove a few days ago said, how just with the simple act of rescuing a dog changed his life completely.

“Before, I was not aware that there is an immense need to rescuing animals from the streets” who fortunately was able to find a home for this small animal who only gave him love from the very first moment.

“That simple act made me consider the small things one can do for them and finding ways to help these helpless beings, made me feel more human,” he explained with watery eyes filled with emotion as he remembers that moment.

Today, I urge you that the next time you see one of these homeless animals to have compassion, given that all they know is to give unconditional love 24 hours, 7 days a week.

One thought on “Adopting homeless from the streets

  1. Norma

    It is important to be aware that unfortunately, most of the stories of animal desertion, unfortunately, do not have a happy ending, and these stories are repeated in many countries like Spain, Europe, Italy, Mexico, United States, and Puerto Rico among others. Despite the ongoing sensitizing campaigns, it is not sufficient, in providing and in eradicating this bad habit but, we do all have a duty to educate, examine with due diligence all the responsibilities that arrive with owning a pet, create public awareness and give the necessary importance of reporting any case of animal abuse or neglect. Only then will we be helping out with this malevolence, it not, we are doomed to keep repeating the same mistakes of the past and the present.

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