Break the agreements that bind you

The author of The Four Agreements, the teacher Miguel Ruiz exposes in the first paragraph of the book “since we arrived in this land everything is based on agreements we make with society, with parents, with people and especially with ourselves”.

It also tells us how we individually internalize these agreements by creating barriers of what is possible and what is impossible in our lives.

Each one of us makes a different agreement, imposing and encasing it on ourselves to what “we” are supposed to be, what we do, what we are capable; in the end we place limits, chains and thorns in our paths which are unnecessarily.

One of the major limitations, one which is constant and even ridiculous to say, is what we call “the daily routine.” It consists of a series of repetitive acts where we renew a number of agreements every day and where we do little things unconsciously, without questioning why we are doing them.

To some extent we allow our body and mind to run on automatic since we feel comfortable by not thinking and seeing the consequences, good or bad of our actions.

This week I had a coaching session with a client, were we talked about her fear of doing different things aside of her usual routine. The simple act of doing something different from what was usual and out of her routine, got to the point of her breathing deeply and just about to fall into a state of panic.

Days later when I sat down to reflect on that day, meditating, on how we fall into that “wrongdoing” of a daily routine with simple agreements made to situations, people and circumstances.

For much of my life I have characterized myself as being a rebel, in doing what I want, when I want, almost all the time, to have many adventures, to dream great things, falling off rather high cliffs, getting up and about after hundreds of stitches on my body, for your soul to be compress out of all your feeling of love and just to have your heart beating by the smell of passion.

I have learned to stand in the middle of a road because I saw a flower that amazed me and to take a picture, give flowers to a stranger, smile at an old man, start my car alone and with no directions through various states of North America with only allowing the Universe to guide my steps.

Even, I have explored mountains where the only thing one sees are trees around you and the sky keeping you company, and the only guarantee is knowing that nightfall will arrived.

Anyway … I’ve learned that my agreements are mine, which I can break, manipulate and even make new ones without any consequences in limiting myself. Now my new agreements load my soul, have rescued my being, and have positioned me closer to my dreams where I never could ever imagined.

Today I remind you that agreement are just simple choices that we take daily, they are thoughts which are born of an idea, which pass through our brain tissue where the materialization process starts and after a thorough analysis we take a defined action on it.

I can’t deny that this pact may have consequences or reactions, but, which will they be? It totally depends on you, the agreement that suits you, the one which does not limit you, of good feelings, and the ones which can provide you with the tools of conquering the world.

I urge you to place a complete halt of your daily routine, stop doing all that which overwhelms you and take a few minutes to breathe deeply at least three times with your eyes closed.

Immediately afterwards, when your mind is not filled with clutter of no substance and which do not make any sense, set your mind to one thing you love to do, that you want to accomplish, and that you long crave for with your soul desires to conquer.

Afterwards watch what thoughts come into your mind, watch and do not think, do not judge, this is where you will have the opportunity to choose again and to make a new decision, of making a new agreement with yourself.

That moment will be the key to the impossible to become possible and for the agreement – whichever – you had done in the past to disappear forever and for you make a new one.

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