Adopting the one who killed my son

Catching up with the news on TV -I admit that every day I see less- I noticed a story that caught my attention immediately, because it was not one of those stories of how many years they were giving a guy for killing someone, or was it about the French guy who tried to “seduce” in an “innovative” way  the lady who was cleaning his room, nor was it about the one that made me laugh the most, that the world would end on Saturday at 6pm.

It was the story of a mother who’s son had been killed at age 15 in Miami and who had done this, was by no means other than a childhood friend, they had a dispute and he took his life. The news began on the preamble of what really was the news; that the young man who was the murderer was about to leave prison after serving his sentence of 15 years.

His mother for 3 years had not been able to do away with the pain of her soul and the emptiness that had caused the sudden death of her only son. On a daily basis all these negative thoughts surrounded this noble woman head, until one day she took courage and decided to confront this “bandit”, as she named him, the one who had removed what she loved most.

She mentioned during the interview that the first meeting was a painful but at the same time a healing one by confronting directly the person who had been sentenced to life behind bars for the death of her firstborn.

After that meeting where he confessed his regret on what he had done to her son and to her, this was the beginning of a series of visits on her part during the last months that he remained in jail.

What’s remarkable about this story is not the forgiveness the convicted got from the mother of the person whose life he plucked away with a shot, but the interviewed -concluded with a scene from a film – where they are saying their goodbyes in the visiting area where the prisoners see their families. He dismissed her by saying “I will see you soon and I love you” and she concluded by answering “I love you too son.”

At the end of the story I turned off the TV since, all I needed to hear, was too see a positive, inspiring story, full of drama as well as with an extraordinary teaching of love and forgiveness.

While I was meditating the next day I remembered a similar story, but this time in South Africa. After the Apartheid was overthrown and exterminated from that nation, special courts were created to work with the murders of hundreds of thousands of innocent people during the most horrible of the history of that country.

There were thousands of cases filed against unscrupulous people who murdered for the mere fact that the person was not liked.

This was the case of a woman whose husband and two children were murdered in broad daylight in front of their residence. The trial for the officers who had caused this woman an incalculable deep pain lasted for a few days.

The last day of the trial after hearing the prosecution who brought convincing evidence and testimony from neighbors who witnessed this vile slaughter, the judge took a few minutes to ask the victim what was the punishment that she understood that it would be a reasonable one.

The woman who during the trial arrived early and sat in the same chair every day, quietly, watching everything that happened and with a temperament that people around her did not understand. She heard the judge, she placed aside what she had on her lap,  slowly stood up and told the judge.

“The only ruling that would, if you so permit me your honor, is that the gentleman sitting on that bench adopt me as his mother, with no excuses will visit me every week and will devote some of his time for the rest of my life; since I have lost all my family. ”

That was the only request for this humble woman, who not only gave an example of love, but an unexplained sensitivity and above all an immense capacity to forgive. Needless to say that until the day he took the story to the NY Times the officer was visiting the woman who he called mother with affection..

I conclude with one question, if these people could find the courage to forgive those people who snatched their loved ones. What prevents you today in forgiving that person who hurt you?

Today is a good day to heal the soul and start a new life full of love. I urge you to do this act of reflection with this simple question and when you get a response, act with love.

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