The world at your feet

This week I want to start by confessing that a few days ago had the bravery to do one thing that I never thought I would do, I wore high heels.

Yes I know, you are surprised, it left you with your mouth open and others I’m sure they are baffle with this confession. I’m sure that some of you may think that this is a joke, that today is the day of the innocent or that I have finally confess of doing cross dressing.

Sorry to disappoint those who one way or a another thought that one of those could be a possibility, because is simply a single experiment that I just conducted, to see if I could prove a hypothesis/theory that has been in my mind for a while about why women love to be in high heels.

The idea started after a conversation that I had where we were talking about how challenging it is for the modern women to balance life between her personal, spiritual, physical, work and emotions. Also, that they have a great necessity of finding a place and a space where they can re-group and find tools and new techniques so they can accomplish that.

So I started to think how I could transmit in a simple way –in rice and beans was we say in PR- here in this space the knowledge on this topic and bring some ideas of the workshop that I did a few years ago called What Women Want…5 easy steps to transform your life, that in simple words it show how to balance your life by taking new decisions and doing some easy steps.

Immediately the first thing that came to my mind was how can I prove that a women use high heels daily and how they can do all the ting that they do every single day in a platform that is 6 inch high and less than half of inch width.

In that platform women could feel confident in themselves, secure, it gives them a sort of power, an advantage, they feel sensual and sexy, they have a better perspective of life and it also has given them the opportunity in the workforce place to see a man at the same eye level.

Also it has given them the opportunity to observe and analyzed more clearly the decisions that they have to make in a daily basis about their families, kids, home, work, gym and partners.

That responsibility of making those decisions has a direct effect that accumulates and it reflects in huge frustration, deceptions, unnecessary stress, broken health that could lead to cancer, continue criticism, unexpected envy, lack of time for them, broken homes, divorce and in some cases literally been alone.

The great thing about those high heels is that no matter the circumstances, life’s ups and downs, in the daily thongs that they need to take care of their children, that they have to dived themselves into 30 pieces to take care of all the things that they have to do, manage a complicated agenda that a man –in the majority of the cases- would never ever could handle for a week, and the beauty of it is that they are capable of doing it –in the majority of the cases- all of it very well.

Today I want it to recognize all of those women decent from Eve that every day are the warriors of the 21th century, they are the ones that makes the world continue moving forward, they are the ones that feel that they need to continue doing more and more and maximize every single minute of every day, they are the ones that in silence they suffer so the ones that are around her will come out and succeed.

Is not that the high heels give them special or extraordinary powers, but they have proven that the world at your feet.

One thought on “The world at your feet

  1. Norma

    Today’s woman has great challenges and commitments with her duties as a mother and wife, daughter, sister, friend, we add a great the responsibility of keeping her family together as well as adding her interest in her personal and professional development, maintaining and preserving her values of loyalty, struggle, humanity, tolerance, and generosity with others. For women to achieve their goals and objectives, today faces the challenge of distributing their time between work, marital relationship, personal grooming, housekeeping and child rearing, which also depend of a balance mental and physical health, since there are constantly exposed to tension, stress and anxiety. Therefore, we must consider and always bearing in mind that with their love, strength, faith, effort, security and through hard work they can achieve so much.

    Women can have lots of reasons to use stylized fashion high heels, nevertheless, when woman places her emphasis or focus on her life, not for having high heels or for tucking them away, do they placed their femininity on hold or their desire to look beautiful and for continuing with their journey in confronting the great challenges of today.

    You make us proud in recognizing and seeing how far women have come in the 21st century, their contribution, hard work on a daily basis, their every day struggle for their objectives and goals, thank you for recognizing her outstanding support.

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