A taxi in New York

A few days ago I received a call from the city of high rises from a very good friend that needed to speak urgently.  I was in a meeting at the time, so I told her I would call her as soon as I got out.

Two hours later when I called her –immediately- she started telling me how she was feeling in a total state of inertia and others feelings that she was having at the moment.  Her voice lacked the usual vibrant tone and happiness I had gotten used to.

In reality after listening to her for over half hour, I realized her greatest frustration was both simple and complicated at the same time.  She had lost her north, felt that her career was on hold and she was going in circles in the same spot, without knowing where she has to go.

She was asking herself, how after living in a monastery for five months in Upstate New York, to find silence and clarity and know herself, she could feel so lost.

At the same time she couldn’t understand the deep void she felt in her soul, she is married to a wonderful Brazilian philosopher, had a job that gave her the flexibility to do anything that she wanted and yet, she kept going in circles like a spinning top.  The call didn’t went anywhere , she just talked till she felt better and before hanging up, she at least was breathing, so I thought it was worth it.

That day was a difficult one for her, like it has been for many of us, including myself.  Our minds get cloudy, our eyes blurry, our dreams seam frozen, we dance in a circle and our north is in outer space.

Days later I received a second phone call, this time there was laughter at the other end, for a moment I thought it was a misdial, but no it was my friend still laughing uncontrollably with what had just happened that day.

She got in on one of those taxis cabs –a necessity in NY- that drives around the congested street of the city that never sleeps.  As soon as she got in, she told the cab driver where she was heading and assumed he was familiar with the place.

After a while she noticed they were not going in the right direction and asked him if he knew a different route.  The cabby answer in a loud tone told her in a Middle East accent that he was the cabby and he knew where they were going.  She didn’t want to get into an argument, so she asked the driver to stop the car and let her out.

When she finished telling me the story she said she was happy, she said life had given her a big lesson.  It’s not that she didn’t know where she was going, but that to get to where she really needed wanted to get, she need it to think well what she want it and without knowing when or how, she would get there.

The conversation brought forth a very big truth she told me one day I was questioning myself how fast I was moving in my professional life. She said: “Who told you things are not moving, just because you can’t see the movement, it doesn’t mean it’s not moving (things are always moving)”.

Today I leave you with this question:  When was the last time you took a moment to take a look at where you want to be?  What moves your soul and makes you dance? and, what daily action are you taking to move closer to where you want to be?

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