Endangered Species

In the last few weeks I had a close encounter with one of those famous computer viruses.  It was very early in the morning when I turned on the computer and began to check my email when I saw an email supposedly from DHL.

I was confused (or it seemed strange to me), because the package I was expecting was from USPS not DHL but, because my friend is a little bit distracted, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if she had sent it thru a different carrier.

As soon as I opened the attachment in the email, my computer yelled HELP and out of the blue my computer thought it was in the North Pole – it was frozen as an ice cube!

Just like that, I found myself without options since the computer was dead I felt the need to take it to the service department of a big chain store.

I admit that within my daily positive attitude towards everything, I have moments where I doubt if this big word, in danger of extinction, still exists: S E R V I C E.

When got there I found, thankfully and to my surprise, that there was no line and the store was literally empty.  Out of nowhere, as if he had been taken out of the movie The Blues Brothers, there appeared a young man dressed in a white long sleeved shirt, a black tie, black pants, and huge glasses – the kind that are used in the movie Revenge of the Nerds -.

He quickly asked me what was wrong with the computer, and like magic, in seconds he knew what was wrong.  Interesting enough this character said something that I usually use a lot in my business, but don’t hear it enough in the service industry, he asked: would you like me to give you some solutions?

It was the first time in a long time that someone in a electronics brand store was giving me real options, one that didn’t involve spending lots of money or selling me something that I didn’t need it.  He just gave me real down to earth and affordable choices to resolve my situation.

Not only I was surprised to hear what my real options where, but this gentleman was telling me all this with a kind, secure, and in a graceful tone of voice. As a student of human’s race in general it captivated my attention because I finally after a long time found a person that it was not looking to sell me anything at any cost, but he was genuinely attentive to my concerns and went out of his way to find a solution that accommodate my needs.

I was been serve by someone that I thought had assisted one of our one day workshop call Client Service 2.0, because he was very impressive in applying –without knowing this- all the techniques that we teach during that workshop.

I was been a witness of someone that first listened to my concerns, he explained the situations in a simple language, answer all questions that I had concerning what he was telling me at the time, took into considerations my early conversation and my necessities and gave me suggestions that will resolve the situation at the moment, and allowed me to decide was it was best for me at the moment.

I was so pleased, because not only I resolve my computers situation in just a few minutes at an affordable cost, but taking in consideration his suggestions to protect my notebook of future attacks I invested in a German Antivirus program that had more benefits compare to any other renowned brand names at a great price.

This person without knowing it –unconscious of what he was doing- he had given me a service with excellence, he was able to transmit his knowledge, that is what I look for any service in general and at the same time you could see that he was passionate about what was doing.

At the end I asked him if he could please call the manager, you could imagine the surprise and confuse look in his face. As soon as the manager got to the area where we were the first thing that I told her “I’m not going to tell you anything bad, on the contrary of what you are accustom to”.

She didn’t know how to react; it was so funny to see her not knowing if she need it to smile or move her hands. I share with her how please I was with the service that I received, that all my needs where taken care of within a reasonable time and with great quality that unfortunately is not the norm in the service world lately.

Her smile came out desperately, the employees surprise face was worth a million dollars. Immediately the manager took her walkie talkie and that she had hanging on her neck and announced to all the employees at the store what happen and congratulated to his peers this event.

In just seconds that the manager communicated that to the whole store employees started to applauded all over the store, his fellows coworkers that were next to him started to congratulate him, in other words he was been recognized by something that he did naturally. That simple act to recognizing a employed giving a good service is what should happen in any store that you go in to buy something or in any position that involves service someone else, at the same time had a positive impact in all his fellow coworkers.

First, I got what I want it a solution to my situation and the employee got a well deserve recognition for a great service that he gave me without asking and the manager had a opportunity of recognizing someone that is under her wing that probably will use in the next staff meeting as an example of what happens when you give good service to a client.

Today I will asked you this questions, When was the last time that you thank someone for giving you a great service? How did you demonstrate it?

I challenge you to be more aware of when they give you a good service versus a bad service, to stimulate whoever is serving you with simple complements of how well they are doing there job, encourage them to continue giving great service, be grateful by calling the manager or the supervisor and tell them that you had a great experience. This without could be the highlight of their day, you don’t know if they are going thru a stuff time personally, but they are giving you their best despite that, you will never know the positive impact that you could have in that person.

Let’s be conscience of what is happening in the mind of the other is has nothing to do with us, even do our egos tells us the contrary. Let’s be courteous to others by smiling at them all the time, let’s be transformational agents and lets contribute in highlighting the good things more and more every day.

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