The other side of the coin

When the funeral finished, the priest approach the widow and said, “I’m sorry, but God does not give anybody more than they can handle.” The widow, dressed in a stylish black dress and Givenchy huge black glasses with a tear running down her cheek, stopped slowly and with a firm, low voice she looked him directly in his eyes and said, “well damn my strength then.  What do I want it for if my husband is not alive?  What do I want it for if the man I love is dead?”

Her words were very precise, with a pain I could not describe.  Her tone of voice was so heavy the walls of the soul of each person who was near her shook.  Her anguish was evidently heart wrenching.

Her husband was 35 years old.  He was in great shape, healthy, a vegetarian, an athlete, had no vices, and overall was a man that loved everyone who (or who had the capacity to love everyone whom) came into contact with him.

He was full of energy and life but, in only 315 days he succumbed to one of the worst epidemics that human kind has seen in past decades: cancer.

Just by looking in my immediate circle of friends, as recent as a few days ago, a good friend shared her story with me.  After years of being the protagonist of long and arduous battles with cancer, which she had won, she had been notified, minutes before, that the same cells which a year ago were not there had come back as a thief in the night.

At the same time, a neighbor whom we have shared hundreds of hours with had less than two years until retirement – everyday if you asked him he knew how many hours, days, and minutes he had left for that meaningful event – the epidemic knocked at his door.  Unfortunately, even though he went to the best hospitals in North America and had the privilege to be selected for experimental treatment, he lost that fight in less than a year.

On the other hand I have to point out the other side of the coin, where I have been the witness of extraordinary people who have won similar battles in miraculous ways.  Where doctors, family, and friends can’t give a scientific or logical explanation, but there are clear examples of hundreds of people who are winning the battle against this disease.

Another great, living, example I have been a witness to is of my second brother who is a “miracle” of another epidemic battle.  For the last 17 years has allocated, in a corner of his body, cells that attack his immune system.

To this day, he is alive and well.  He still continues to fight for the rights of all who don’t have a voice in the LGBT community, walking the streets of the world, and smiling at life.

My purpose is that we stop our self from the day to day freaking mayhem that we live in and we recognize the importance of our spirituality – I did not say religion, because there is a huge difference between them.

This is an essential component of living, especially when it gives us a hand in vulnerable moments and applauds us in circumstances of joy.

I invite you to question yourself:  How do you express you spirituality?  What are the things in life which lead you to feel that?  What are you doing today to strengthen this transcendental element in life as a human being so you can continue walking the path?

I encourage you to look into your inner self, knock on the doors of your soul and start looking for that essential element – the one as necessary as oxygen.

When you find it, I assure you, your life will do a 360 degree turn and your walk will be lighter and smoother.

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