Which are your qualities?

Watching the other day the movie Love & Other Drugs the main character Anne Hathaway in one scene ask her boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal if he could tell her four good qualities that he had?

He started to think for a while, his facial expression was telling her that it was a difficult task she ask him to do. What was curious about that scene it was that he did said four qualities about her, but not about him.

Immediately the movie ended that scene got stock in my head and I started thinking if I was put in that position would I be able to respond the question or would I have reacted the same way.

This exercise gave me the opportunity to sit down in front of my computer and started writing this new blog entry. The first thoughts that came to my mind was a question, what where my personal qualities? and faster than lighting words came to me like…I’m a loving, caring, hard worker, service oriented, social, loud and entrepreneur.

A couple of seconds pass by and suddenly the gates of my soul open up and a line of new qualities started to pop up in a straight line.

At the same time just like that I started to think of a few teachers that have come one way or another –thru love, work, friends or total strangers- thru my live experiences, especially in the love department. It has been in that king of scenarios where I have encountered one of my great lessons.

Specifically when you are in a relationship where you don’t think of doing these kinds of exercise or nevertheless to any other person that you know as for doing a list of their qualities.

Also I thought about the many times I have acted as a stupid and immature man, said foolish comments that never ever contribute to the better of the relationships, acted without any logic, just because I thought about it and threw it out there without any reason at all, how I cause a lot of friction between my partners at the moment and harm my own personal relationships.

Suddenly I saw how my mind change channels and thoughts and images of different friends that are right now around in my life and of others that are not there physically and how every second that I have spent with them in this life time are all crucial and significant moments, that there qualities touch and affected my live in a significant way.

Feelings and emotions took over my memory when they recognize and remember those crucial moments that change and impacted me.

Now that I do a parenthesis or better more, a inventory of each of those persons that have been in my life during this existence in any given moment and how these qualities have help me be who I am today.

I recognize and admit that there are persons that has influence me more than others, ones that where very service oriented, others were able to be put others first and be heroes to people in need or ill, they took a old profession without knowing the path that will lead them to, worked in precarious and harmful conditions just for conviction, study just to get out of where they were living, determined that been social responsible was their own walk, that love is a decision.

They all are part of the puzzle that I am today and I thank them all. I want to end with a simple question…What if you had to do a list of your qualities, would you be able yo do it? and finally Would you be able to identify in each quality the person that taught you that?

I will leave you with this quote that came from my soul…”He who love truly, never gives up an opportunity to use their gift for the benefit of others”

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