Our Inner Child

The enthusiasm that a 4 year old girl showed this morning in the ophthalmologist office was the highlight of my day. She jump out of her seat like a Olympic athlete and ran to the doctors door that it was approximated 20 feet from her.

Her enthusiasm, spontaneity and her genuine reaction of this angel here on earth just because she was called by the doctor was impressive and inspiring.

What really blew my mind was how people who where seating down in the waiting room reacted to her faithful and genuine expression. Especially the reaction of her mother that tried to keep up with her but couldn’t and what caught my eye was the expression in her face that said…I don’t know what to say or what to do with her”.

It look as she didn’t know If she need it to apologize for the way she was reacting, unfortunately her face had a shame look, because I think she lives with what others think.

A couple of days later I was in a strip mall and suddenly someone scream “watch out”  strangely it was a 80 year old man that was coming down very quickly standing in a supermarket car with a great smile in his face from one end to another and her wife was walking behind him just smiling.

The first thing that came to my mind was that for many years I thought that I was the only one that acted like that. So, as soon as I came out of my mind in seconds I started running toward this gentleman and when I finally caught up to him I just thank him for doing what he did because it gave me a reassurance that I was not so crazy after all.

Her wife when she finally caught up with us –she had to have him wired or she had some radars as ears- said to me “he looks old, but he has a very big child’s heart” and after that she continue walking toward the car where her husband was waiting with the little hair that he had all over the place and still with a big smile in his face.

This just put me in a automatic frame of mind where I just remember so many times that my mother, girlfriends, friends and brothers still till this day tell me that I should not do that because I’m acting as a child. But in the case of this “young man” her wife was as exited and delighted as him.

I have to admit that everybody that was around that time has a face that said “that guy needs psychiatric treatment ASAP”, but that didn’t hold him back from letting his inner child come out to play.

That inner child that lives inside of us unfortunately we have put him on the side, we have put him like he is punish in a closet full of old stuff and lots of emotional baggage.

We have forgotten how it felt to be a kid, how to have him 100% present in our live, in our thoughts and especially in our heart.

Unfortunately we have forgotten that feeling of liberty that he gave us, instead we have substituted with a rigid system full of laws and does and don’t, that doesn’t allow us to express ourselves any way we feel like it, without thinking what the people around you will think, no judgment, no idea what the future will hold –obviously without hearting someone else-, simple, just letting our inner child play daily in our lives.

What is really depressing and sad is see the reaction of that young mother that is trying to indoctrinate her child because she lives with what other people think of her.

She is one of many that condemns daily without knowing, judge people for the simple act that is not what society says is the norm and that is base in superficial elements that to this day no one has ever been able to tell me where this all started.

Today I urge you to go back to that mental closet where you have hide your inner child with a lot of emotional baggage and when that happen you do something that you have not done since you where a child.

I dare you to start feeling free of society, of what people’s opinions and remember how to be happy, how to smile uncontrollably, how to dance to the music that you love, sing out loud –even if you don’t know how to-, just anything that brings you closer to that little child and that emotional HIGH.

Just the other day a friend of mine that is 52 years old was learning how to ride a bike for the first time in her life and another friend that is 65 years old is getting her Yoga instructor certification, because she says that is what brings her to her childhood.

I leave you with a simple question…What can you do today to remember how to be a kid again?


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